About Dave

David Belzer has always had a love of guitars, and it is this love of guitars that has made him into one of the top vintage guitar specialists in the world.   Learning to play guitar by the age of 10, graduating with a degree in music at 21, owning his own music store at 28,  then working as the head vintage guitar buyer for a large retail music chain for 21 years, he is now working together with his partner, Drew Berlin, collectively known as the Burst Brothers as a vintage guitar consultant.

Dave was born in Bethpage, NY and grew up in Long Island.  He got his first guitar, a Harmony acoustic, at age 6, but didn’t actually start to take it seriously until age 10.   He was influenced by all the music he heard growing up during the mid to late 60’s but it was Cream and Eric Clapton that got him interested in specific guitars.  In 1970, he got his first electric guitar, a Kent, a Japanese import copy of a Gibson 335, inspired by Clapton after seeing Cream’s farewell performance on a TV special.  Motivated by getting the guitars that he wanted to play at the time he started buying and trading guitars.  He traded the Kent for a Hagstrom Strat, which lead to a slightly used 1969 Gibson SG, which he played for the next 10 years.
In high school he excelled at a number of sports. Unfortunately, while still in high school, he seriously injured his ankle and could no longer play those sports to the same level so he devoted himself to guitar.  He found being a jock cool, but playing the guitar was cooler and not only could he could get more girls with the guitar, it was also less painful.



Dave graduated from high school at the ripe old age of 16, and took a full time job working at Kentucky Fried Chicken.  He became a manager there by age 17.  At 19 he attended Five Towns College in New York studying contemporary music and got his AA degree in Music Performance. He began teaching guitar privately and at a local music store during the day, and playing in a band doing mostly original music at night.   

While attending college, he met Lee Rocker.  They became friends and Lee invited Dave to join their
since their former guitarist Brian Setzer had recently left to do his own thing.  Dave joined the remaining members Erick Thorson, Slim Jim Phantom, Lee Rocker and Lee’s sister Rosanne and the band continued on.  From 1978 to 1980, the band played all the New York club circuits, playing originals. The band broke up when Brian Setzer got an offer to go to England and took Jim and Lee with him, giving birth to the Stray Cats.
In 1982, he bought The Music Mart, the store that he had been teaching at, and that’s when he really started to see some guitars.   Threeweeksafterhebought the store, he traded his way into his first 1959 Les Paul sunburst.  He continued to teach, play and work the store for the next five years.

In 1988 he decided to make a change, sold the store and moved to California.  He went to work for Guitar Center and within a few
months he worked his way up to assistant store manager.   He began handling the Vintage guitar business for the Hollywood store and with his previous buying and sellingexperience, it was a perfect fit.  In 1995, the Hollywood store opened their Hollywood Vintage Room, and Dave headed it up.   He met Drew when he came to work for Guitar Center a few months later.  They worked well together, with their first joint sale being a 1959 Les Paul, and soon afterward they formed a band and became known as “The Burst Brothers”.
In 1999, Dave played guitar with Ebony Tay for some local Los Angeles performances and traveling with her to open for the Bacon Brothers and Hall and Oates in Cannes, France.    He still joins Drew for Burst
Brothers performances and is currently playing guitar with singer-songwriter Cheryl Brewster, as well as doing a commercial studio session from time to time.